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When I first started keeping Bristlenose Catfish it was more for the purpose as an Algae Eating Fish in my Betta tanks. I had been using Mystery Snails as well but I found that the Bristlenose did a couple of jobs the snails weren’t as good at.

Firstly my Bristlenoses liked to feed off the sponge filter in my Betta breeding tanks which was great for keeping them clean in a fry tank. Secondly they could also get into tighter places that the Snails couldn’t. I was reminded of this just the other day when I noticed the aquarium heater in one of my breeding tanks had algae growing on the plastic suction mounts and around the black cap where the thermostat knob was located. Therefore after my Betta pair had finished spawning I introduced 2 small Bristlenoses and within about a day all the algae was gone.

Therefore as you can see Bristlenose Catfish certainly are a very beneficial addition to your fish tank.

bristlenose and betta

Bristlenose Catfish will get on well with most Aquarium Fish

It wasn’t until recently though when I added a small Bristlenose to my Betta tank in my office that I actually started to become interested in them beyond the use they served in my tanks. I started to become fascinated with them. You see they tend to get on well with most other aquarium fish and especially good for me, my Bettas.

I found it interesting the way they would dart around the tank and as a consequence I decided to do some research on Bristlenoses. Firstly I found they were reasonably easy to care for and secondly discovered they seemed to be reasonably easy to breed. Next up I found they were also very much in demand and of course the reason why was very understandable. They are a very useful fish. Plus they do actually grow on you to the extent where they are very easy to fall for.

So what I’ve decided to do is set up some breeding tanks and start breeding them. Therefore this is what this blog is all about. It’s about my practical experiences keeping and breeding Bristlenose Catfish. Hopefully I will have plenty to write about, so if you’ve come here looking for Bristlenose information and haven’t found what you’re looking for then please subscribe to my Bristlenose Catfish RSS feed as this Bristlenose Blog will be a work in progress.

I’ll be adding information all the time and learning as I go so if you’re in the same position as me then I hope we can learn together. Exchange of information is what it’s all about, please have a look around, Cheers.

Bristlenose Catfish

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  • claire wingrove says:

    Hundreds of baby bristlenoses including albino from one pair – really need a way to stop them breeding before they take over the world! Any suggestions welcome

  • First step is to remove the cave that they are breeding in. This will slow them down or might stop them all together.

    They might still find a new spot to breed so it can help to constantly check if the male is holed up is a specific spot and move the rocks/logs etc. that he is using so he never really gets a chance to settle in one spot, this will annoy him to the point of stopping him breeding. Wont harm his health though.

    If they are still finding a way to breed, and they can breed in the oddest places once they get on a roll including in the corner of the tank or behind the filter, then you might just have to remove one of the pair. Most good fish shops will trade a female for a male. Either that or jump on and see if there is a breeder in your area because most breeders are looking for more females and will trade you a male.

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