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Bristlenose For Sale – Adelaide, South Australia

Bristlenose Catfish For sale – Shortfin, Longfin, Common and Albino – Adelaide, Australia

I currently breed Bristlenose Catfish for Live Fish Stores/Aquariums (Illegal in lakes/rivers or release of any kind)

I’m breeding Common, Common Longfin , Albino and Albino Longfin varities

Normally sell direct to fish shops but if you buy direct from me and you can SAVE!

I’ve sold to Seaview Aquarium, Fish Bowl and Ponds, Renella Aquariums, Petstock, Hilltop Pets, and many more. Buy direct and save 40% of retail price or more!

All Bristlenose are sold at 3cm plus for shortfins, 3.5cm plus for longfins

Common Shortfin: $5
Common Longfin: Normally $25 BUT TIL OCT 15th ONLY $20
Albino: $10
Albino Longfin : $20 – currently sold out but I’ve some young fry still growing. They will be ready for sale mid to in Oct

Check to see if I have have larger individuals for sale as well. Please contact me for stock and prices.

I offer discounts for bulk purchases and am willing to meet buyers traveling long distances half way.

Also for buyers out of town inquire about postage.

**** Please note, all Bristlenose sold are over 3cms to protect against the shock of traveling and a new tank as it can be fatal to young Bristlenose****

LOCATION: South Brighton, Adelaide, South Australia

CONTACT: 0403 166 597