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pleco caves

Bristlenose Catfish/Pleco Caves

Bristlenose Catfish / Pleco Caves FOR SALE

Location: Blackburn, Melbourne, Australia.

I have for sale, brand new Bristlenose Catfish / Pleco Breeding Caves that are suitable for larger Catfish or Plecos such as Peppermint Bristlenose or L-Numbers Plecos. I have tried many designs and this is the one that actually worked for me.

The top of the cave can also be conveniently opened to give the option of removing the eggs to be put into an egg tumbler to hatch and raise separately.

These¬† Breeding Caves can also be custom made to the buyer’s required size (but do give me a few days to make and let it set).

* colours of the caves may vary depending on the tiles I have. Right now it’s white

Pick up Boxhill or Melbourne CBD (by arrangement).

Price $10 each

See Contact Details Below.

Bristlenose Catfish Pleco Cave

Pleco Cave with removable lid

Bristlenose Catfish Pleco Caves

Pleco Caves come in white at the moment. Can vary cave dimensions if required

Interested parties please send me an eMail. Fill in the form below.

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